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    TV and remote

    Wandering eyes: Audience fragmentation continues to affect content producers

    Australians are changing the ways they watch films and television programs. Factors such as the growing number of digital television channels, the expansion of pay-TV providers and greater instances of internet piracy are all fragmenting traditionally monolithic television audiences. This trend towards audience fragmentation has been intensified by the entry of US-based streaming giant Netflix […]

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    Credit cards

    Competitive rates: Banks and card administrators chase growth through diverse strategies

    Competition in the credit card issuance industry is heating up as banks and lenders extend interest-free periods, honeymoon periods for introductory rates, balance transfers and other offers to consumers. These promotional offers, while putting downward pressure on revenue, are expected to drive an increasing uptake of credit cards over the next five years. Despite the […]

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    Groceries in basket

    Wholesalers pressured by the increasing dominance of major supermarkets

    General line grocery wholesaling is big business, with the industry worth an estimated $20.4 billion in 2014-15. Wholesalers in the industry usually carry at least three product lines including meat, dairy, seafood, fruit and vegetables, confectionary or soft drinks, and liquor or tobacco. General line grocery wholesalers service two major markets: food retailers and food-service […]

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    Profitability Across Our Industries

    Profitability Across Our Industries

    The profitability of the nation’s industries and companies varies enormously; it always has, and the pecking order changes slowly over time too. We have 509 industry classes in the Australian economy, aggregated into 19 major industry divisions, and housing over 2 million businesses. However, the largest 2,000 companies (plus their subsidiaries) account for nearly half […]

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    Beer in glasses

    Beer boom: Brewers capitalise on the growing popularity of craft beers

    Australian beer manufacturers have struggled over the past five years due to a sharp decline in beer consumption coupled with increasingly discerning consumers preferring quality craft and premium beers over traditional brands. As a result, major Australian brewers Lion Pty Limited and SABMiller Beverage Investments Pty Limited are realigning their business strategies to capitalise on […]

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    Beyond buyers: Higher housing prices indirectly benefit other industries

    The recent statement by Treasurer Joe Hockey advising first-time home owners to simply get a better paying job has caused a media uproar. However, in the midst of the debate, it is easy to forget that housing prices do not just affect home owners and prospective buyers. The effect of housing prices on other industries, including […]

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    Mining workers silhouette

    On the rebound: Australia’s mining sector set to recover

    After a period of declining revenue, several major Australian mining industries are expected to bounce back in 2015-16, IBISWorld reveals Australia’s mining division is set to recover in 2015-16, following a dramatic drop in both revenue and exports in 2014-15. This substantial year-to-year volatility has been driven by increased production of some of Australia’s key […]

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    Syringe and cell

    Fertility service providers adopt differing strategies to nurture growth

    Assisted reproductive technology (ART) service providers operate in an evolving industry, with increasing demand from consumers. Although the birth rate is expected to grow by 2.9% over the five years through 2014-15, one in six Australian couples is expected to suffer from infertility. As a result, fertility services revenue is expected to grow by 4.2% […]

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    Fruit and vegetables

    Taking cover: Private equity firms show interest in Australian vegetable growers

    The under-cover vegetable growing industry has remained sheltered from the erratic weather conditions of the past five years. As a result, international private equity firms have expressed interest in some of Australia’s major horticulture companies. Costa Group’s impending initial public offering (IPO) is the latest example of the trend. Vegetables grown under cover (i.e. in […]

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    Calculator and receipts

    The diminishing power of monetary policy

    The power of monetary policy has diminished in recent times. Slow business investment and a relatively solid dollar have weakened the effects of low interest rates, demonstrating the diminishing power of monetary policy. A previously record low cash rate of 2.50%, which had remained unchanged since August 2013, has not provided any substantial stimulus for […]